Whether you sell cars, vans or bikes, we can provide an imaging solution.

We’re a dedicated and experienced team with well over 70 locations under our belt. Every location we’ve seen had different challenges and we successfully provided solutions to maximise vehicle throughput while maintaining image excellence.

Vehicle Photography Studio

360 Studios

We provide you with a vehicle turntable, photographic booth and high quality camera which can include professional programmable lighting. All working seamlessly together to photograph and upload the images of your used vehicles.

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Image and Video Control Centre Desktop Software

At the heart of all our imaging solutions is our AutoloadIT ICC (Image Control Centre) software. Whether using the Desktop or IOS mobile app, it will be evident that it’s been designed for ease of use in mind and to maximise vehicle throughput. A free trial version is available upon request.

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Image background replacement

Background replacements are commonly used where a studio solution is not viable but you’d still like to take out the distractions in the background for a more consistent look to your images.

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Software : IOS Mobile App

Our versatile IOS app can be used standalone or in conjunction with our Desktop application. For many of our clients it is all that is required to capture high quality content for their internet shop window.

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If you want to save time imaging vehicles or want to create 360 spins for your website, you should consider incorporating a turntable into your business.

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Vehicle stock management

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