If you want to save time imaging vehicles or want to create 360 spins for your website, you should consider incorporating a turntable into your business.

Our standard turntables are surface mounted (no excavation required) and only 76mm high. If you’d prefer a “flush with floor” appearance, they can be sunk into the floor, or the floor built up around them. They can work standalone or be incorporated into a full studio solution, fully automated to control the camera. 

A quote from our very first customer:

“Since you installed the turntables in our dealerships, what used to take up-to four people up-to four days, now takes one person 8 minutes”.


How much room do I need?

The minimum width room size needs to be at least 1.25m greater than the longest vehicle you need to put on the turntable. The diameter of the turntable is dependant on the longest wheelbase of your vehicles. A 4.5m diameter turntable will cater for all cars and vans including Range Rover’s, Audi Q7’s, standard Transit, Transporter vans etc. A 5.5m turntable will accommodate LWB vehicles such as the Volkswagen Crafter size vans, but remember the longer vans are tail heavy i.e. there is a longer overhang at the rear than at the front, so consider this when calculating the room width requirement. If you have even larger commercial vehicles, our turntables can be made wider to handle them.

How much does a turntable cost?

That does depend on the size of the turntable, any requirement to prepare the floor, delivery and installation costs etc. Call or contact us via the contact us page or by email, and we’ll ask you a few questions and will then be able to recommend the right turntable for the job.

If I use a complete studio solution, how does the turntable communicate with the camera?

Your turntable will be individually programmed by us to work in the most efficient manner for your needs. 

It triggers the camera shutter at set points to capture a series of high quality images which can be used to create a 360 spin. Our ICC software automatically recognises the images that have come from the camera attached to the turntable and associates them with the vehicle data record. If the data record hasn’t been entered by the time the photos have been taken, it will hold them there until the record does appear. The naming of the images and where they upload to is all configurable meaning the photographer can simply select the vehicle, press the button, review the images and upload them. No more fiddly renaming, uploading or manual processes required.

Gravel Colour

What surface finishes does the turntable come in?

The most common surface for our turntables is a simple painted finish. Other surface finishes include, Aliminium chequer plate, gravel effect, tiled or many others… including fake grass!

Option One

A fully automatic and programmable control system which works in conjunction with the chosen studio option and AutoLoad IT ICC Desktop or IOS software.

Option Two

A remote fob option to work in conjunction with a handheld / portable camera solution.

  • A level base (preferably concrete) is required
  • Can be installed externally or internally
  • Turntables are 76mm high and can be sunk into the floor or the floor can be built up around them for provide a flush finish solution (at extra cost).
  • Spin time is circa 1 minute, faster drive motors are available on request.
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